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her hopes and fears. >> i have been feeling all kinds of emotions. happy for the girls that were found, very sad that it wasn't my daughter. >> reporter: in fact, there are 34 teens and young women who have done missing within ten miles of castro's house over the past six years. the same house where that dramatic rescue and escape happened. >> we found them. we found them. >> i was shaking and hysterically crying. >> jennifer was the police radio dispatcher who sent the officers to the castro house after the 911 call came in. like many of the cops that night, she recognized the name amanda berry instantly. >> i couldn't believe i was hearing her voice. to actually hear her voice even as hysterical as she was, to hear her voice, it was -- it was the most gratifying moment of my career. >> reporter: the rescues and then a day later the family reunions would soon follow.
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bringing in unimaginable ordeal to an end. >> it was a joyful moment. we were crying and clapping. it was even still today. >> that was nbc's ron allen. ariel castro is facing four counts of rape, three counts of kidnapping. he could face aggravated murder charges for terminating the pregnancies of his captives. he's being held on $8 million bail. well, after several congressional hearings, the questions about a deadly attack in benghazi have not died down. nbc's peter alexander has the latest. the "uss nimitz" arrived in south korea amid heightened teptions on the north korea's peninsula. north korea used its official news agency to condemn the arrival of the warship and shortly after arriving in the port, the commander of the nimitz declined to comment on north korea's reaction. >> i cannot speculate on the
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north korean response but would emphasize that we exercise routinely with south korea and our presence in the asian area facilitated this particular time. so we continue to hope it shows our alignians to promote the peace and prosperity in the region. >> some south korean protesters also gathered in front of the navy operations to demonstrate against the arrival of the minimum knits and the joint military drills. back to that story. after several congressional hearings the questions about that deadly attack in benghazi, libya, have not died down, and there are new questions tonight about what the white house knew about the attack and when. peter alexander has that story. >> reporter: exactly eight months after the deadly attack in benghazi that killed ambassador chris stevens and three others, leaked e-mails reveal the obama administration was more involved than initially stated. in watering down the widely discredited talking points. >> it makes it look like they're
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trying to hide something whether or not they are. >> reporter: the e-mails show 12 separate drafts of those talking points. the cia's first version blaming the incident on protests in cairo over an anti-islamic video and noting, we do know that islamic extremists with tie to alexander participated in the attack. the text made mefreverend to fi other attacks against foreign interests. spokesperson victoria nuland e-mailed that the mention of prior attacks could be abused by members of congress to beat the state department for not paying attention to agency warnings. so why would we want to feed that either. concerned. at white house meetings the following day, other officials further diluted the language eliminating the reference to terrorism and previous attacks. that sunday u.n. ambassador susan rice followed the talking points on all five talk shows. >> what happened in benghazi was, in fact, initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in cairo. >> reporter: once that
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assessment was discounted, the white house insisted it had only changed one word and on friday stood by its story. >> the cia was the agency that made changes to the edits -- i mean to the talking points and then produced the talking points. >> reporter: a thorny issue for the obama administration and analysts say perhaps a larger problem for former secretary of state hillary clinton, said to be eyeing a possible presidential bid in 2016. >> it strikes me she had a political problem with benghazi before these e-mails, which is it happened on her watch. >> that was peter alexander reporting. the all clear has been given after a fire broke out at the white house. a transformer malfunctioned and set off a smoke alarm. white house officials said the transformer problem was quickly resolved and the west wing returned to normal. the president and the first family not affected by that fire.
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if you've ever wanted to own a presidential aircraft, now is your chance. diane has been talking about this as a mother's day gift. the federal government is selling an aged converted dc-9 plane that used to carry presidents and vice presidents and it still has the paint scheme for when it was used for that task. no presidential seal. technically this would not be air force one or air force two. those names only apply when the president or vice president are actually on them. this aircraft was used for 30 years when a smaller plane was needed like on a shorter runway and it can be yours for just $50,000. the auction starts wednesday. $50,000, that's not too much for a big plane. >> no, if you knew how to fly it. >> and you had the crew and -- there's some things that cost money as well. >> absolutely. more than 1,000 bodies have been pulled from the rubble of a building in bangladesh that collapsed on april 24th and more than 2400 people have been rescued alive. ian williams has the story of
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the latest survivor. >> reporter: reshma begum is being described as the miracle garment worker after surviving 17 days under the wreckage of that collapsed garment building. it was a stunning moment. rescue workers had all but given up hope when they heard the tapping on a steel pipe and then the faint cry, i'm alive, please help me. bulldozers and heavy equipment were shut down. workers used hand saws and drills to cut through the debris. a crowd gathered. some parade. and then they cheered as the young seamstress was pulled free and rushed to a waiting ambulance. doctors say she's in remarkable good shape having survived on dried food and water in a basement in the factory complex. i never dreamed i would see daylight again. i was saved by god.
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she said she'd heard the voices of the rescue workers for several days and had tried desperately to attract their attention. three others trapped with her didn't survive. the overall death toll has now soared past a thousand making this one of the world's worst industrial accidents. scores are still missing. relatives standing vigil near the factory have been given new hope by reshma's remarkable survival. reshma's ordeal and her survival have also put a human face on the growing clamor for urgent improvements in the often appalling safety standards inside bangladesh's factories. ian williams, nbc news, beijing. coming up next at 5:00, we'll show you how prince harry had a very busy day in the united states today. and disney announces where the next "star wars" movie is going to be filmed.
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numerous bay area agencies are facing serious cuts as a result of federal sequestration. among those feeling the impact could be some of the peninsula's most vulnerable. >> reporter: in all of her 80 years. leonor has always been a person who did things for others, jobs, volunteer work, and family. even now it's hard to sit still. >> i don't like to stay and just watch tv. i do something. >> reporter: but recently she had to accept she could no longer do things like she used to. >> vacuum, i can't do it. don't vacuum. same in the kitchen, the floor. >> reporter: another thing she can no longer do is cook. so every day the peninsula meals on wheels delivers her a hot meal, often times the dish is accompanied by a little conversation. >> she talk, talk, talk. i like it.
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>> reporter: meals on wheels, just one of several programs run by the peninsula volunteers organization is suffering its own hard times. they're facing steep cuts. >> we're figuring it's about 7,500 meals we will not be able to deliver next year just because of the sequester cuts alone. >> reporter: the director says the organization stands in lose $40,000 in federal funding, a big loss for a small organization that delivers 130,000 meals a year. >> in our good years, we still have to raise half of the cost of providing and delivering these meals to everybody. >> reporter: they also run two senior apartments, a cafe. >> our seniors really depend on these meals. they are homebound, they are frail, they do not have family members available to help them in the course of a day. >> reporter: but hard times breed creativity. to raise funds the group turned to borrowed woodside mansion
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into a designer show house which people can pay to tour. >> 20 decorators decorated these rooms. everything is personally done. it's never been done before. >> reporter: in her more humble surroundings, kimona is thankful for the meal and the visits and the daily reminder she's not alone. nbc bay area news. britain's prince harry is in colorado springs to show his support for wounded or ill service members and leanne gregg is at the u.s. olympic training center in colorado to show us. >> reporter: britain's prince harry with a fellow service members and olympians light the torch to officially open the warrior games. >> now, entering the square, the united states army. >> reporter: during the ceremony, a procession of athletes representing all five branches of the u.s. military and a british team. >> i don't know what could be finer than a beautiful colorado afternoon when you're surrounded by your own personal heroes.
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>> reporter: prince harry, a soldier himself who served twice in afghanistan, is a supporter of programs to help wounded service members. during a luncheon earlier today, he noted military brotherhood. >> no matter the detail or the actions, i witnessed firsthand the bravery of our troops not only confronting dangers on the battlefield but also tragic consequences. >> reporter: royalty by birth, but during this visit soldier first stopping by to visit british team members and learn the basics of sitting volleyball. he joined this pickup came to practice for an exhibition match scheduled for later today. >> it was like having another friend. he was just like one of us. >> reporter: for six days 260 wounded or ill military members will compete in seven events. among them ivan castro, a mortar round in iraq left him severely injured and blind. he says competing is about more than medals.
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>> it's about, you know, participating, it's about camaraderie. >> reporter: camaraderie that makes a prince seem like a regular guy. >> he serves in the front line just like everyone else. he's a man that puts his pants on one leg at a time just like we all do. >> reporter: the prince will also attend events on sunday at the warrior games where sport is a platform for recovery. leanne gregg, nbc news, colorado springs, colorado. filming of the new "star wars" movie will return the franchise to its british roots. disney's lucas film confirmed the new film will take place in england. "star wars" episode 7 will be directed by j.j. abrams scheduled to to be released in 2015. fans at a "star wars" convention taking place in norwich say it's no surprise to them the franchise has remained popular through so many years and hopefully, they're thinking, for many more years as the new movies come out. it's pretty incredible how
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that has lasted through -- >> it goes on. >> and then it turned into legos and all this kind of stuff and kept it going. it's not invasive and it's not a pill. the new treatment developed right here in the bay area that apparently burns your fat. and the story of oscar grant coming to theaters. we'll take a look at the movie about the shooting that killed him. yeah, kfc! original recipe. original recipe? dad, i think you ate the bones. i did what? you ate the bones! i ate the bones? i ate the bones! i ate the bones! [ male announcer ] kfc original recipe, now available without the bone. freshly prepared white or dark meat chicken, boneless and skinless. get 4 delicious, mouth-watering pieces in your next 10 piece mixed bucket for $14.99.
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today tastes so good.
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no surgery, no pills, you just melt your fat away. we're talking about an injectable that dissolves fat cells, it targets a double chin but could work on much more. the drug could be approved by the fda, but is it too good to be true? here is stephanie tran. >> just add water. what does washing your clothes have to do with losing weight? the answer is coming up. but for dietitian and personal trainer lisa richardson, the answer is here at the gym she
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owns. the fitness clinic of los gatos. >> i have always felt like my thighs were my struggle area. >> reporter: no matter how much you workout. >> no matter how much i workout. >> reporter: and it's not just women. >> there's an increase in male surgeries, glamor surgeries. >> reporter: all wishing for something easier than this. >> so you could wave a magic wand. >> reporter: while there may not be magic, there is science happening here at ucsf. >> patients have been treated with this medication. >> reporter: dr. sara aaron is talking about fda testing of a first of its kind drug. >> for reducing chin fat. >> reporter: it's a drug that would be injected under the chin and melt the fat away. >> the idea is the compound breaks down the fat cells and then you're own body gathers it up and excretes it naturally.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: dr. aaron also performs the other only instant fat burning method liposection. >> we go in and suck the fat out. >> reporter: dr. aaron says any fat burning injectables already out there in the u.s. did not undergo fda safety tests and are not regulated. >> we've heard horror stories of patients being injected at salons or spas by nonphysicians who have wound up with paraffin lumps untheir chins needing surgery to remove or bad allergic reactions. >> reporter: so back to the washing machine. the common ingredient in many laundry detergents is sodium deoxycholate. it's also the active ingredient in the drug atx 101. >> it's the same kind of salt your intestine makes to digest the fat you eat. >> reporter: but this trainer
5:50 pm
warns don't lose sight of eating healthy and working out. if you cut fat, they may not go back to the same place. >> but it will come back to somewhere else. why your cheeks get really big? would you gain fat like around your adam's apple? fat will come back. >> that drug still needs to be approved but the test results so the far involving more than 2,000 subjects internationally have been positive. some side effects were pain, swelling, numbness, and bruising. astronauts at the international space station made an unexpected space walk to fix a leak. ammonia was leaking out of the stays's cooling system. two astronauts ventured outside for a six-hour space walk to find the leak. they replaced a pump they thought was responsible. after it was installed, they no longer found any weird frozen flakes of ammonia.
5:51 pm
>> we're happy, very happy. we didn't see any obvious signs of a leak but it will take some time, some weeks for us to look at the system, evaluate the system, and make sure we did, indeed, stop the leak. but, again, today no obvious signs, so we're very happy with that. >> officials say the leak never jeopardized the safety of the crew. >> so they knew where to go when you need a plumber. >> right. that's an expensive leak fix. >> the cooling we typically see this time of year would be the sea breeze that picks up during the afternoon and we're seeing that kicking in in full force. 57 degrees in san francisco. 77 in san jose. in the hills around san francisco, we've been watching the fog still over the top. we'll see some of the fog moving locally inland as we head through the rest of the evening. 72 in oakland, 92 in livermore. the sea breeze is back up. the winds out of the south.
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a west wind at 14 in livermore. we'll also see some high clouds drifting in for the end of the weekend which with the system offshore will bring some bigger changes. by the time we get to monday if a stronger sea breeze and a drop in temperatures as we start the workweek. for tonight into tomorrow, you will see mostly sunny skies and by tomorrow night the fog fills in and monday will be a much cooler day. evening plans tonight. you will probably want a jacket around the inner bay and peninsula. we'll be dropping through the 50s and sixd60s. we'll start off breakfast or bunchtime with mom you'll notice inland we're already in the upper 80s. t-shirt weather for sure. notice the numbers in the south bay, too. mid to upper 80s and low 90s again south of san jose. low 90s out towards the east bay once again. today was a hot day. we'll get one more day tomorrow and a big drop in temperatures. tomorrow should be the last of the summer-like weather.
5:53 pm
not much change in temperatures on the coast. we'll drop at least a good 10 to 15 degrees on monday and the sea breeze will be sticking around for a wile as we go through the rest of the week. if you like summer-like weather, which i know one of the three of us on the set loves it -- >> you're tired about hearing about it, huh? >> it is your day tomorrow. >> thank you. >> so summer-like. driving across the golden gate bridge and the fog was so thick. >> that's very true. >> all right. we'll be right back.
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not just one, but music. thousands of people heading to napa this weekend for its first after major music festival. it's the sight of the inaugural bottle rock festival. it features food, wine, of course, and dozens of the world's biggest bands. >> my mother is really excited about it. everyone that's come by has been
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really excited about it. so i think it's a good thing for napa. >> not everybody is happy about it. some neighbors are complaining about the traffic and the road closures, especially during this mother's day weekend. the festival runs through tomorrow. it's expected to draw more than 100,000 people. a new film based on the life of oscar grant hits some theaters this summer and we're getting a sneak peek. the movie titled, fruitvale station focuses on the 24 hours before his death. he was shot and killed on new year's day. it was directed by a 26-year-old man out of richmond. it is his first feature length film. one of america's most recognized multicity cycling events is hitting the pavement this weekend. we're talking about the amgen
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tour of california. it's kicking off tomorrow and for the first time since the race debuted back in 2006, cyclists will cross the finish line in the bay area. the race starts in escondido another san diego. thousands of cyclists will make their way north to the bay area. the race will pass through san jose, livermore, mount diablo, and san francisco before finishing up in santa rosa next sunday. it used to be starting up there and heading down. >> right, it went the other direction. it must be harder to ride up hill that whole way. mentally it seems like it, doesn't it? one more time -- >> they have had lousy weather. they have really lucked out. for the statewide from south to north, it will be fantastic for that. it's warm tomorrow in the inland locations for mother's day. we have temperatures 80s and 90s inland. then the sea breeze kicks up and we cool off. depending when they get to town next weekend, might have a
5:58 pm
little bit of a sea breeze to push them up or down the hill. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at five. >> stay with us for more local news in a couple minutes at 6:00.
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nbc bay area news starts now. good evening. welcome back. i'm diane dwyer. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. despite an accident on san francisco bay, the head of the america's cup says he expects the event will go forward as planned. the announcement comes as new questions emerges about the safety of the yacht participating in the race. monte francis spoke to the chief executive of the america's cup within the last-mile-an-hour. what did he have to say? >> reporter: well, terry, steven barclay said he would await the findings of an internal review before making a final decision but he said he expects the america's cup will go forward as planned. in addition to the coast guard investigation, the amera'

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